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Where is the Online Form?
Filing tax return online bas become more popular over the last few years. There are numerous advantages for online tax filing methods and it is better known as electronic tax filing. For filing your tax return online you have to fill up the tax return forms electronically. You can find all the requests forms at the IRS website of from other taxing agency. Income tax return filing are quite troublesome and if that is the case then there are tax filing agencies, tax attorneys etc., waiting to help you in filing your taxes online

How to File your tax return Online?
If you want to file your tax return electronically online than you needs to be eligible for the same as there are some restrictions for e-filing your taxes online to IRS. Some of states are still not accepting e-files though if you get qualified then following steps needs to be adopted.

Preparing your income tax return:
First of all the tax returns should be prepared. For that you can take the help of any tax professionals. All the relevant tax details should be studied and kept ready.

IRS e-file Provider:
Very next step in the process is to go to an IRS authorized e-file provider. You can obtain the list of your nearby IRS e-file provider over the Internet. These e-file providers are authorized by the tax agencies to collect necessary documents from the taxpayers on behalf of those agencies.

Signing Declaration:
Before you use the services of e-filing your taxes from the e-file provider, you needs to sign the U.S.Individual Income Tax Deductions for Electronic Filing form 8453. One copy of the same may be retained for record purposes.

Submitting Documents:
Along with the Form 8453, you also have to attach you W-2s, 1099 and other requisite statements.

Sending Return:
On completion of their scrutiny (and of course on payment), the e-file provider will then electronically file your tax return. The tax return can also be gets prepared from the same e-file provider. Majority of the providers do the job without any extra cost. But to deal with the tax agencies, It is better to take the service from an attorney tax.

Dispatching Due Balance, if any:
In case if there is any due balance to be paid, then the requisite check along with Form 1040-V should be dispatched to the agency on or before Apr 17 Such payment can also be made using debit or credit card.

Is it safe to file tax return Online?
Yes, the system is proven, safe and legal. IRS always every year encourages people to file their tax return online. This facility ensures you to give you fastest refund in almost half of the time. These returns cannot be filled without filing all required information. The software also monitors the accuracy level so that the rejection ration of your returns will be minimum. And if at all if there may be any mistake, the taxpayer gets notice within next 2 days and the taxpayers can take the remedial measure as early as possible